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Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets

Fabuwood believes that your kitchen cabinets should help develop a sanctuary that offers a perfect balance of functionality and ambiance. With a range of styles, materials and finishes available, Fabuwood offers a multitude of options catering to your specific taste and needs. Acme is happy to be a certified retailer of Fabuwood Cabinetry.

Showplace Kitchen Cabinets

Acme is proud to carry an American made brand from a company that is employee owned. Since early 2000, Showplace has grown from a standing start into a major national brand. Thanks to customers who like our mix of quality, flexibility, and price, Showplace production has grown from 50 cabinets per day to having become one of the most widely chosen national brands today. 


Adornus Kitchen Cabinets

Acme Cabinet is proud to be the only company in WNY to bring you Adornus, a high-quality, modern European cabinet. Adornus is a family-owned company that has perfected the art of producing luxury cabinets at affordable prices. These frame-less cabinets are perfect for simple lines and effortless style.